DIY Poisoned Apples

When you can't go to a Disney park, you have to bring some Disney to you! I thought making some Poisoned Apples would be just the thing for that this fall. Whether you’re in need of some poisoned apple ornaments or are decorating for a Snow White themed party, these DIY apples will look amazing! Just lining them up to see them together is so magical! They’re so quintessentially “fairytale.”

Faux apples (I bought mine at Kirkland’s)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (each apple took me about 4 mini glue sticks)


Paint (you pick the color)

Glitter (if you’d like your apples sparkly)

Modge Podge


Ribbon for hanging

Using your pencil, sketch the eyes and nose onto your apple. The greatest thing about this is nothing needs to be even, symmetrical, or perfect. Your oval eyes can be wonky and the upside-down v-shaped nose can be wavy. It’s the imperfections that make the apples look evil.

What I really love about my apples is the fact that they’re 3D. Instead of just painting the face onto the apple, you get the texture which makes it look so real! To get that texture, you’re going to use a lot of hot glue! I started by outlining the eyes that I drew on in pencil with hot glue first.

Now, still with the glue gun, start filling in the space between the eyes (above the nose). For some reason, I can only think of this as the apple forehead. Fill up the entire space above the eyes (apple forehead) with hot glue. The faster you can glue, the smoother it will dry.

Once you get the top filled in, start moving down the outside of the eyes. I went about a half inch outside the eyes and gooped on the glue so that it makes little drips around the edges.

Finally, I went back to fill in around the nose. After I got the middle of the face filed in, I gooped on some more glue to cause drips for the mouth. Here’s a hint: try not to make anything look uniform. Make the drips different lengths and spread them out at different widths.

Paint the color of your choice onto the glue. If you want to glitter instead, paint the glue with Modge Podge and glitter away!

After the paint dries, paint on a coat of Modge Podge over the paint. This will make the apple look shiny and a little more poisonous!

If you glittered instead of painted, you can skip this step!

Aren’t you obsessed? I want to make a ton of them, but I really have no reason to….

If you want to make them into an ornament, just tie a ribbon around the stem. I’d love to hear what you use yours for, and bonus points if you leave a picture of your poisoned apples in the comments!

Guest Blogger: Emily Burns

Instagram: @tartanandtinsel


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