Insights on The Rainforest Cafe

There are many Rainforest Cafe locations and I have been to four of them: The one in Las Vegas, the one in Chicago, the Disney Springs one and the one at Animal Kingdom.

Las Vegas

This one was my least favorite. It was in a strange location and the atmosphere wasn’t that spectacular. The decorations were not as good as I was expecting for the one in Las Vegas. Also their bar was down so the only option was bottled beer. It’s Las Vegas! How can a bar be down? The food was great and our server was awesome however.


I have been to this one three times. It is in a decent location and the decor was nice. The food was great like always as well as the service.

Downtown Disney. Orlando, Florida

This one is probably my favorite of the three locations I have been to. It was a very big one! There were multiple fish tanks(something I enjoy a lot) and they had a big bar area too if that is more your style. The service was really good and our waitress was nice. The food was good, as you can tell it always is here. This one has a very good system to how you get a table. Once you told the front crew that you were there for the reservation they informed you that your name would be announced out loud in the gift shop. They also texted me when we were ready to go eat. We were put in the elephant line and then we were led to our table. I assume they have two lines to infiltrate more people to their tables.

Animal Kingdom. Orlando, Florida

This is the largest Rainforest Cafe in the world. It is at the entrance of the Animal Kingdom theme park. It was magnificent and super clean. It was very smart to add this to the park!

Here are some insights on dining at the Rainforest Cafe on Disney property:

1. If you are eating here you must realize you are paying for the experience.
2. The entree prices are moderately priced.
3. Some entrees included more than one type of meat, so you could easily share. In my pictures you will see what my aunt and cousin shared. It was a small steak, ribs and coconut shrimp. You got a small dish of coleslaw and your choice of side. It was $30, but for two people.
4. This place IS included in a Disney Dining plan.
5. Soft drinks or tea are about $3.99, but like I said you pay for the experience. Also, those have free refills.
6. They have a great selection of appetizers and salads.
7. At least once in your life try the Volcano dessert.
8. The side salads aren’t cheap and unless you think you will need the extra food to get full, I would skip it. They are pretty big.
9. They have good mixed drinks, alcoholic or non alcoholic.

10. Those drinks have the option to come in a souvenir glass. I would say go for it because the drinks alone are pricey anyway so for $5 more you get a cup. It is also a neat souvenir.
11. The kids Icee drink is worth it. It comes in a keepsake cup with an Icee in it plus the bottom screws off. Inside the bottom there is a jungle animal toy for the child.
12. I suggest reservations. Typically if you just show up and try to get in the wait will be pretty long. Well unless you get there right when they open, which is a good option also.
13. If you are of age, or don’t mind taking your kids, you can always go eat at the Lava Lounge which is their bar. The bar is first come first serve. This means you may be able to just walk up and eat a good meal!
14. The gift shop has very unique items but I don’t suggest spending a fortune, especially if you are still going to places such as Disney World or Universal Studios. You don’t want to spend a bunch at a restaurant and then see something at a different place you want.
15. The kids toys that are different plastic movable animals are worth it. It’s a set price for 4 of them. Don’t quote me on how many you can select for the price because I cannot remember :) They have different jungle animals to choose from and they seem to be good quality. They are reasonably priced too. It makes for a good little souvenir.
16. Check out the clearance racks. I got a cool T-Shirt off of there for $3 bucks. Yes, three dollars! It was on sale then there was an additional discount.
17. Pressed pennies are always neat to get wherever you go and there are some here as well!
18. Passholders get a discount on entrees only. They also get a discount at the store. This is only at the Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom locations.

Photos and post by: Kayln Epperson

Instagram: @thelifeofkayln

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