What to Bring into Disney Parks

I am a planner and when I go into the parks I must have all the necessary items for any emergency that comes up. Seeing as I mostly travel with my boyfriend I also have to ensure that I'm prepared for his emergencies as well which means I've gotten pretty good about packing my bag for the parks.

1. Obviously your magic band/pass are most important in addition to your ID (you don't always need it but I bring it to be safe and ya know, if I want to drink) phone, and your credit card/cash. You don't necessarily have to bring a credit card or cash if you're using the dining plan, however I personally don't like blindly charging everything on my band, not to mention tip is not included in the dining plan and alcohol is not covered. If you're really not wanting to carry cash or a credit card with you, Disney gift cards are good on everything in the parks!


2. Ok, I am a pale person. I do not tan, I burn. Therefore I always always always have sunscreen in my bag. I found the travel sized spray sunscreen works best for me to quickly spray on, even if I'm in line for the rides. And usually one travel sized can is enough for both my boyfriend and I to reapply throughout the week while we're in the parks. We always put some on before we leave the hotel but Florida's sun is relentless so I reapply, often. Additionally, chapstick with sunscreen is a good idea!

3. Hand sanitizer. Disney is a theme park which means lots and lots of people allll touching the same surfaces. You can't always run to the bathroom so tossing a small thing of sanitizer in your bag is essential. Target has mini bottles usually in the travel section for cheap. 


4. Cleaning wipes/baby wipes. I found packs of "cleansing wipes" in the travel section of target for a buck, I put one pack in my bag when I go into the parks because they are so multi-purpose. I use them to swipe off sweat throughout the day, clean off dirty seats, clean my hands when my mickey bar melts all over me, I mean they are awesome. I also toss a few Shout wipes in my bag in case of emergencies (the travel packs have individually wrapped wipes)

5. Travel sized deodorant/ travel perfume. Yes I am one of those people who is terrified of smelling bad and Disney is hot so I bring a little thing of deodorant and a rollerball of my Kate Spade perfume so I smell fantastic at all times. 


6. A fan/mister. Some people love bringing these into the parks to cool off, I personally think they take up more space than they're worth. My sister loooves her mister for cooling off her kiddos when it they get hot but I personally don't bring a fan with me. 

7. Hair necessities. Luckily I have short hair so it's pretty low maintenance, I do toss a travel sized hairbrush in my bag in case it gets a little too windblown on Space Mountain. If you have longer hair you may also want to toss in an extra hair tie or some bobby pins just in case. If I know I'm going to be park hopping and spending literally the entire day in the parks I may also bring a travel sized bottle of dry shampoo because I still gotta look good for pictures!


8. Snacks! We all get hangry sometimes, it happens. Because I know how hangry I can be I usually will bring some fruit snacks, an applesauce pack, or some almonds in my bag just in case. If you travel with kids this is a MUST. When my niece and nephew start to get the mid-afternoon grumpies that even riding small world can't fix, it's time to get them some fruit snacks. 

9. Water! As I have mentioned, Disney is hot and you're walking a lot so it's important to stay hydrated. You don't HAVE to bring a water bottle into the parks because any restaurant will give you a cup of water for free when you ask. I like to bring a refillable water bottle (make sure it's not glass) and ask for 2-3 cups of water to fill up my water bottle throughout the day. You can also bring your refillable mug if you're on the dining plan, it's not free refills in the parks but you can ask for a few cups of water. You can use a snack credit on the dining plan for bottles of water as well but to me it seems like a waste when they give it out freely!

10. Tylenol/ IB Profin/ Motrin. Being out in the sun, being jostled around on the rides, getting It's a Small World stuck in your head...you may get a headache. My boyfriend is prone to headaches and so am I when I get too hot so I always bring a little travel tube of Motrin in the parks. 


Other items: cameras, autograph books & pens, makeup, etc. I don't bring a camera because we use photopass and I'm not big into autographs, I also don't bring any powder or anything to touch up my makeup throughout the day, I just put on a good setting spray before we leave the hotel and hope for the best!

As far as what to carry all of this in we have a few Disney backpacks we rotate. I have one from Amazon that fits all of this stuff and two sweatshirts, we usually only carry that one in the winter months because it is HUGE. I also have a Shellie May and Gelatoni bag that fits all of this except a water bottle, both of those I got from ebay because only Disney Tokyo carries them unfortunately. The Disney store, Amazon and eBay have tons of options!

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