What to Wear to Disney Parks

You're heading to the most magical place in the world and you're beyond excited to see your favorite characters, have the wind in your hair as you blaze down Big Thunder Mountain and enjoy all the Mickey bars you possibly can. But...what the heck do you wear?? If you're anything like me what you wear at the parks is of the utmost importance so I am here to help! Here is a not quite definitive but helpful list for planning out your duds for the parks.

1. I like to first look at my schedule for the week and figure out my outfits based on where we're going each day, for instance when we go to Hollywood Studios I love wearing all of my Star Wars gear or my Twilight Zone shirt, at Magic Kingdom I like to wear my Sleeping Beauty dress or Minnie Mouse dress, Animal Kingdom I wear my Lion King shirt and so on and so forth. Obviously you don't have to coordinate your outfit to the park but having a plan for each day is helpful!

2. What you wear is also dependent on the time of year you go, in the winter months of December-February it can get cold but usually it stays sunny and in the 60's or 70's during the day but it may drop down to even the 50's at night so tying a flannel around your waist or tossing a hoodie in your backpack can keep you warm when it starts to cool down. Even up until March it can stay cool but it does start to warm up in April, getting up into the 80's during the day and from May until August it is HOT so dress light! September-November is fickle, it can cool down but it can also get into the 80's. During the hot months I stick to dresses, skirts, shorts, t-shirts and tanks. During the spring I can get away with capris and t-shirts and during the winter months it has gotten cool enough for me to wear jeans or yoga pants so that at night I wasn't freezing but my best advice is check and double check the weather before you go! Florida weather is all over the place and in addition to mostly warm temps it rains fairly often, most often you will encounter an afternoon shower and then it'll pass. If you're worried about the rain pack a cheap poncho from Amazon! We usually wait it out inside somewhere because generally the storms leave just as quickly as they come.

3. When it comes to footwear at Disney think COMFORT! You will be walking a lot, my steps for one day at Disney have gotten to over 20,000 before! While this always makes me feel better about all the Mickey bars and turkey legs I eat it can put your poor little feet into blister city. If it's going to rain or you're planning on hitting the water rides some sandals are great so you're not dealing with wet socks. I love the sandals Crocs carries (I know, Crocs..but hear me out!) because they have phenomenal support and they don't rub or chafe any areas, they also have tons of different styles that don't even look like crocs including a Disney line they added! Lots of people swear by Birkenstock's sandals for walking as well, just make sure any sandal is going to have great support (i.e. not the thin, cheap flip-flops) and that the straps don't irritate or rub anywhere. If sandals aren't your thing I like wearing Vans, Converses or even my Adidas. Any shoes you plan on wearing just make sure that you wear them for a few days beforehand so you know they'll be comfy and be sure to have at least one or two back ups. I say this because if you think one pair will be comfy and then they give you blisters you don't want to have to wear that pair for the rest of the week! Additionally, there are tons of shops on Etsy that make custom Disney Toms and Vans, Vans has a Disney line and so does Crocs so your options are endless!

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4. Disney is the perfect place to wear your Disney gear, Star Wars gear, etc. I love searching Etsy for cute handmade Disney items, Target and Kohl's have Disney items, there are tons of little shops on instagram that make adorable items, and even Amazon has Disney apparel!

5. Lots of people love to Disneybound at the parks as well, this is the perfect way to dress like your character without wearing a full on costume. If you need ideas there are tons on Pinterest and all over Instagram!

Most importantly, make sure you're comfortable and have fun!

Guest Blogger: Tiffany Shirk

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