Attractions to Skip with a Toddler- DL & DCA

Disneyland and California Adventure Park are full of amazing attractions that your toddler will absolutely love! That being said, there are also a few you should probably skip especially if you are only there for one day. Here is a list of my maybes and skips.

Disneyland Park


Casey Jr Circus Train

My little guy liked the Casey Jr train but he didn’t love it enough to justify the long wait. There is only one train that goes around the track so even a relatively short line takes awhile to get through. If your little one isn’t great at waiting it might be best to skip ;)

Storybook Land Canal boats

This is another that is worth doing if you can basically walk on but I wouldn’t wait in a long line for. The boat ride is fun, it’s nice to see all of the miniature worlds, but it’s really hard to hear the descriptions between the fast talking, poor mics and exterior noise.


Truth be told, I took my little guy on all of the rides I’m saying to skip and he was totally fine. So, use your judgment. If your little one goes on lots of rides & doesn’t get scared easily then definitely give the below a try! 


This ride is way darker & scarier than I remember the movie being! My little guy was ok, but mildly terrified. This ride also seems to brake down a lot (we waited in line three times before we were actually able to get on) so bare that in mind if you have a little one with you.

Snow White’s Scary Adventure

Well, the name says it all! This ride is scary & a little traumatizing so even though your little one can go on it, it might be one to skip.

California Adventure Park


King Triton’s Carousel

Carousel’s are great but they aren’t anything too special. If you have the time definitely check it out but if you’re trying to do the entire park in one day, it might not be worth waiting for. That being said, one really good thing about this attraction is that it is right outside California Screamin’ so if you are waiting for some members of your group to ride the roller coaster it offers a fun distraction for your kiddos.

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

This ride is fun but the wait times tend to be a little long. If you’re kiddo is a huge Cars fan it is probably worth the wait but if I had to choose between this and Luigis’ Rollickin’ Roadsters I would for sure choose the latter. 


Golden Zyphyr’s

This ride is fun but it’s nothing special. If you’re little one is afraid of heights, I would definitely give it a miss.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Ok, this isn’t going to be a popular skip but hear me out. Mickey’s Fun Wheel is the center piece of Pacific Pier but it’s a long wait and a long ride. Only attempt it if your little one is totally into it and if the wait time is under 30 minutes. Any longer than that and you’re looking at spending at least an hour by the time you wait, load and ride. 

Toy Story Midway Mania

Let me start by saying I love Toy Story Midway Mania and my little guy loves Toy Story Midway Mania. But, the wait time is always really long for this attraction. I know they have introduced fastpasses recently so if you can snag one, do it! If not, I would give this ride a skip because no ride with a toddler is fun after you’ve waited over an hour in line!

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