Getting Insta-Worthy Shots at Disney

There's nothing more that we love than those amazing shots our customers get in the parks. That moment captured in time that makes everyone jealous and ready to plan their next trip. But how are these photos taken so well? It's quite easy actually! Just follow some of these easy steps to get some drool worthy photos on your next trip!

1. Get an empty park in the background. Yes, we all know the park is never really empty, but showing up early definitely will beat the crowds and create less of a distraction on your photos.

2. Use portrait mode on your phone. This lovely setting will focus on whatever is closest to the camera and will blur out the background (create bokeh) in order for photo distractions to be limited.

3. Wait. If your shot can hold off for a moment let it. Wait for the tour group to move, the sun to set behind a cloud or Mickey to strut by behind you.

4. Find an awesome background. Make it the castle, MainStreet shops or one of the coveted walls - these backgrounds will make you stand out from them if chosen wisely!

5. Crop well. Taking a photo at a certain angle can give it a wow factor. It can also help to clear out any pesky background people you don't want across your social media.

6. If photography is really your thing consider investing in a DSLR. These cameras are the gateway to making your photos look like they were professionally taken. My personal favorite is Canon and a simple Rebel camera can get you on the path to photography greatness!

Guest Blogger: Melissa Cassell

Instagram: @greeneyedskies

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