The Character Warehouse

I am about to share my biggest Disney secret ever. It's the Character Warehouses or better known as the discount Disney stores. The Character Warehouse has two locations near Disney World and although they are off property they are worth the trek or Uber ride to get to them. I will quickly go through where they are, what they are and why you need to go and then it's your responsibility to get your Disney loving butt over to them to check out!

Where Are They?

The Character Warehouse has two locations. Both are near the food court of both outdoor shopping malls. They have a marquee style sign.

Location closest to Universal

4969 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

Location Closest to Disney Springs

8200 Vineland Ave #1252, Orlando, FL 32821

What Are They?

The Character Warehouse is the only non-cast member store that Disney sends both coast parks left over and last season products to. They also have Disney cruise and online items. These items are never guaranteed or restocked. They change constantly and are always in different quantities.

Why Shop There?

Since Disney has already had these items, discounted them and they're last season they want to get rid of them. You will see HUGE markdowns on most items and significant markdowns on others. We have found some really amazing things there like

- Size 4/5 Elsa dress that retails for $59.99 reduced to $9.99

- Maleficent Face Palette that retails for $49.99 reduced to $3.99

- Buzz Lightyear jacket that retails for $64.99 reduced to $14.99

-Disney Golf Polos that retail for $69.99 reduced to $18.99

Everything is priced and then marked with an additional red sticker or there will be a large yellow posting to denote the discount on specific items. 

We have been very lucky and very unlucky with finds at both locations. If you have the time I would AT LEAST visit the one closest to Disney Springs at the Vineland Outlets since it is a $5 Uber ride. It's such a smarter option to buying overpriced souvenirs on property I don't know why you wouldn't check it out!

Guest Blogger: Melissa Cassell

Instagram: @greeneyedskies

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