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Since starting Cassell Tees I've met many, many people from the Disney Community - this may actually be my favorite thing about this job, now that I think of it, but anyway, I digress. I was recently privileged to work with the former Plane Crazy Button Club at a shoot and fell in love with the story behind The Brookhart Project.

Now, let me catch you up! Sarah and Peter are the Brookharts and they started the former Plane Crazy Button Club and The Brookhart Project. Remember them now from our shoot at Art of Animation? Well, after the shoot we all sat around a few drinks at Dockside Margaritas and talked all things life, Disney, small shops and design. And that's where it clicked. These two are total #relationshipgoals as well as pretty fang cool people.I love talking with young people with big, creative dreams. It's really inspiring! But Sarah and Peter were different. They aren't in this for the money, the fans, the free stuff or the publicity. They are in this with their whole hearts to enjoy the world around them, each other and to meet new people. The greatest thing about them? They record their lives and share their special moments with all of us! 

Check out their channel HERE! It's the easiest way to get swept away on a nostalgic trip to Florida and also check in with some really great people! Show 'em some love and subscribe too as you will not just want to watch one and be done! 

PS. They somehow always make it to openings, try brand new restaurants and catch all the new stuff before Disney Blogs do, so they'll help with planning your next trip too!

Guest Blogger: Melissa Cassell

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